I love Autumn weddings! The light is lovely, the colours divine, its not too hot and you can be creative with stylish ways to keep warm! Tarureka Estate, just outside of Featherston in the Wairarapa is a perfect venue for weddings in the colder months. Firstly of all, the rooms of the homestead and cottage have the perfect backdrop for the getting ready in. If the weather is fine, the garden is a lovely location to hold the ceremony and if the sun gods aren’t coming out to play when the loft above the old barn is a stunning and unique alternative. Autumn trees are just stunning for the formal photographs and if you start to get a bit chilly, the homestead has some great indoor areas for photography. I think in Sarah & Mitch’s you can really see what a great day you can have with an autumn wedding!

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_01

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_02

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_03

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_04

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_05

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_06

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_07

Wairarapa Wedding Autumn_08

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