Tararua Photographer – Sunset at East Holdworth


Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to run. And I love to go on running adventures in the hills. In the Wairarapa we are blessed with an amazing playground right on our doorstep. The Tararuas. I have only explored a fraction of the ranges and each and every time I run there it blows me away. Every time is different. The light changes, the clouds are moving. Sometimes its a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and you can see for miles, others the clouds are in and it has an air of mystery. By, far my favourite time to go is when its change of light. Sunset and sunrise up there is just out of this world. It takes your breath away and you cant help but have a huge smile. It makers you feel alive. I love it.

So usually I take just a running pack with all my gear and take a few shots with my phone. (its takes pretty good snaps and even has a Leica lens….whoa!) But a friend suggested I take my big camera,so I figured if I was going to take it, it would have be at a time where my phone camera couldn’t do it justice. I am not sure any camera could, but I had a go anyway.

After lugging 8kg of gear up the ridge (believe me, the extra 4kg makes a HUGE difference, just ask my calves and quads!) I was going to make the most of it.

I hope you enjoy these images, I know I enjoyed shooting them. 🙂

Sharisse x

Taurarua Photographer Mt Holdsworth