Makoura Lodge Wedding

Rachel and Jason are from the Manawatu with a strong farming and hunting background. When they first contacted me about photographing their wedding, I had never been the Makoura Lodge and after goggling it realised it was miles form anywhere! What a venue though! For Jason being a keen hunter and Rachel having grown up on a farm, there really was no other choice – the wedding had to be at Makoura lodge as it just ticked all the boxes. And what a perfect day it turned out to be! Jason had organised  helicopter to take the boys to the venue – Marise was wrapped seeing as she was shooting the boys getting ready! I carried on up the lodge to hang out with the girls. The venue really is stunning, and the weather played ball for us as well – we was slightly worried as when we left Featherston is was raining. Luckily we managed to get onto the hills with the chopper for the pic with Rachel & Jason. I hope you enjoy the images!


Photography by Sharisse Eberlein & Marise Rozing

Venue – Makoura Lodge, Fielding

Dress – Churchwood Bridal