June 27, 2019

Zealandia Wedding Photographer – Bron & Steph


Bronwyn & Steph had been guests at a wedding I had photographed a couple of years ago, so it was wonderful when they got in touch to ask me to photograph their wedding day. Zealandia was their venue - they chose to hold their celebration here as it was important for them know that they get to hold their celebration in a beautiful place while helping to do a little bit of good for the native flora and fauna. I think that's a pretty special reason.

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March 28, 2019

Masterton Wedding Photographer – Anna & Tyla


Anna & Tyla's wedding was simply stunning. A laid back, rustic kiwi farm wedding out on the property they manage out at Mikimiki, Masteron. We had a lot of fun location scouting for this wedding, as there really are beautiful spots where ever you look, but the one place we had to go, was to the bridge where Tyla proposed to Anna. The ceremony was held under a tree in a paddock with the reception in the shearing shed. I love the way Anna & Tyla put so much time and effort into creating such beautiful spaces for their celebrations - mostly we up-cycled a and homemade items. The chandeliers on the barn and tree were stunning! Thank so much for having me along for your wonderful day! Sharisse xx

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Tirohana Wedding Photographer – Felicity & Peter


Tirohana Wedding Photographer - Felicity & Peter Felicity and Peter meet through their shared love of dance, and from there their love grew. When they mentioned that they were dancers I was super excited - we were all really keen to incorporate one of their biggest passions into the wedding photographs, especially as this was where they meant and what brought them together.

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February 27, 2019

Brackenridge Wedding Photographer – Anna & Tom


Anna & Tom were married at Brackenridge Country Estate on a beautiful January afternoon. Originally this wedding was booked in for May, but just a few months ago Anna called me to let me know they needed to move their wedding forward as she had been given a unique opportunity with work to spend some time in Japan. So we quickly got it all sorted and luckily all the other vendors could move dates, and it was all systems go. With Tom being from Canada, it did mean it was short notice for a lot of guests, but his mum made the trip over , which was so special for them. Thing I loved about this wedding it that it was all about family and friends - simple, relaxed and super cruisey. Theses guys just go with the flow, and roll with whatever life throws at them. Thanks for having [...]

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December 21, 2018

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer – Sarah & Linton


Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer - Sarah & Linton I loved everything about this wedding! I hope you enjoy the images from Sarah & Lintons wedding day at Tarureka Estate, Featherston.   Photographer - Sharisse Eberlein Venue - Tarureka Estate, Featherston  http://www.tarureka.co.nz/ Hair & Make Up - Jo Bentley, Calma Therapies https://calmatherapies.co.nz/ Celebrant - Carol Pilcher Caterer - Zane Saba http://www.chefondemand.co.nz/  

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November 30, 2018

Poppies, Martinborough Wedding Photographer – Lauren & Mike’s wedding


Poppies, Martinborough Wedding Photographer - Lauren & Mike's wedding Another beautiful Martinborough wedding - this time at Poppies Vineyard. Lauren & Mikes wedding was all about family and friends and keeping it low key. As they are both private people and not fond of being the center of attention, they opted to have their photographs taken before the ceremony and then walk up the aisle together. I loved that touch at the start of the ceremony - supporting each other right form the start! The great part about taking photographs early in the day, is that after the service it was time to hang out with the family and enjoy the day! I think it fair to say that they certainly acheived theri goal of having a relaxed day with friends and family. Thanks so much for having me along! xx     Photography - Sharisse Eberlein Hair & Make [...]

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September 21, 2018

Wairarapa Winter Weddings – Rebecca & Campbell


Wairarapa Winter Weddings - Rebecca & Campbell I love a good winter wedding! The light is lovely and soft and the days are short. This means you get to make the most of the daylight, golden hour and night time shots without taking pictures all day and all night! Rebecca and Campbell chose their date for the new moon for the start of a new beginning and I was so excited. I  kept my fingers and toes crossed for a lovely sunny day and a clear night! Thanks so much for having me along Rebecca & Campbell. x  

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June 22, 2018

Queensberry Wedding Albums – Tina & David


Queensberry Wedding Albums - Tina & David   I always feel that a wedding isn't really finished until the album is complete. Its that time of year again when I am busy finishing up all the albums from over summer, and for me  this is the best bit. Seeing all the images form the day put together to tell the story of your day as it unfolds. I always so to couples that although this is your album it not just for you. Its also for your children, your children's children. A way to sit together and look over the memories from the day when this little branch of your family starting. I think all to to often, we don't realise just how important photographs are until they are gone. If you want to make sure you still have them in 10, 20, 30 years time then print them. Even better [...]

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May 18, 2018

Poppies Martinborough Wedding Photographer – Mel & Ants


Poppies Martinborough Wedding Photographer - Mel & Ants I just loved, loved shooting this wedding! Mel and Ants are just so awesome and to top it off it was an off season wedding which I just love! There is a lot to be said for getting married over the cooler months - you get a wider choice of vendors, the light is softer and you also get to enjoy not only the soft light, but sunset, the blue hours and if you are lucky a clear night and a wedding photograph under the milkyway! What more could you ask for! Thanks so much for having me along Mel & Ants! xx  

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April 25, 2018

Martinborough Wedding Photographer – Kelly & Mark


Martinborough Wedding Photographer - Kelly & Mark Well, what a location for a wedding! Kelly's family own a farm in Martinborough, so its was only fitting that this is where the wedding was to be held. So all the yutes came out to get everyone up and over the farm to where it was all happening - I think we can say that it was well worth it!  

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