September 21, 2018

Wairarapa Winter Weddings – Rebecca & Campbell

Wairarapa Winter Weddings - Rebecca & Campbell I love a good winter wedding! The light is lovely and soft and the days are short. This means you get to make the most of the daylight, golden hour and night time shots without taking pictures all day and all night! Rebecca and Campbell chose their date for the new moon for the start of a new beginning and I was so excited. I  kept my fingers and toes crossed for a lovely sunny day and a clear night! Thanks so much for having me along Rebecca & Campbell. x  

June 22, 2018

Queensberry Wedding Albums – Tina & David

Queensberry Wedding Albums - Tina & David   I always feel that a wedding isn't really finished until the album is complete. Its that time of year again when I am busy finishing up all the albums from over summer, and for me  this is the best bit. Seeing all the images form the day put together to tell the story of your day as it unfolds. I always so to couples that although this is your album it not just for you. Its also for your children, your children's children. A way to sit together and look over the memories from the day when this little branch of your family starting. I think all to to often, we don't realise just how important photographs are until they are gone. If you want to make sure you still have them in 10, 20, 30 years time then print them. Even better put them in a beautiful album.  

May 18, 2018

Poppies Martinborough Wedding Photographer – Mel & Ants

Poppies Martinborough Wedding Photographer - Mel & Ants I just loved, loved shooting this wedding! Mel and Ants are just so awesome and to top it off it was an off season wedding which I just love! There is a lot to be said for getting married over the cooler months - you get a wider choice of vendors, the light is softer and you also get to enjoy not only the soft light, but sunset, the blue hours and if you are lucky a clear night and a wedding photograph under the milkyway! What more could you ask for! Thanks so much for having me along Mel & Ants! xx  

April 25, 2018

Martinborough Wedding Photographer – Kelly & Mark

Martinborough Wedding Photographer - Kelly & Mark Well, what a location for a wedding! Kelly's family own a farm in Martinborough, so its was only fitting that this is where the wedding was to be held. So all the yutes came out to get everyone up and over the farm to where it was all happening - I think we can say that it was well worth it!  

February 1, 2018

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photography – Sam & Jennifer

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photography - Sam & Jennifer Sometimes less is more. Sam & Jennifer kept their beautiful Tarureka Estate wedding very simple and low key. Just a small group of close friends and family celebrating at a beautiful location. These guys asked me to shoot for  just a few hours, which was plenty to cover everything they wanted. I really love weddings like this - sweet and simple and all about the people around you. Sam & Jennifer, thanks so much for having me along for your wedding day. xx    

September 15, 2017

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer – Josh & Allanah’s Winter Wedding

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer - Josh & Allanah's Winter Wedding I really love winter weddings and I always wonder why more couple don't go down this road.  So long as you choose your venue carefully, I really think its one of the best times of the year to get married. Firstly, you tend to get your pick of vendors over the quieter months. Less competition for available dates, less stress. You can also get great deals in the off season. But, as a photographer the reason I love winter weddings is for the light! Soft winter light is the best and you also get to take sunset and night time shots without missing your party - bonus! And if rains - so much fun can be had photographing in the rain, and if its really bad then you will have chosen an awesome venue so it doesn't matter! And if you want to you can always opt to go a 'First Look' as these guys did to really make the most of the time with your guests. Allanah and Josh opted for this stress free option and oh my, was this wedding fun! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the day, and I have to say my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much by the end of the day. I am sure the photographs will tell the story without me rabbiting on! So here they are.....  

July 6, 2017

April 13, 2017

Kapiti Coast Wedding Photographer – Tim & Cath’s Sudbury Farm Wedding

Kapiti Coast Wedding Photographer - Tim & Cath's Sudbury Farm Wedding I really do love shooting weddings over on the Kapiti Coast, even if it is a bit of a long trip from the Wairarapa. I was thrilled when Cath & Tim asked me to photograph their wedding over at Sudbury Farm in Te Horo. I had heard lots about this venue, but was yet to photograph there so was super excited the day of the wedding! Cath & Tim had planned a lovely relaxed wedding surrounded by friends and family - they were all involved, even the family dog wanted to get involved! I really enjoyed this bueatiful wedding - we couldn't have wished for more. Thanks Cath & Tim for having me along. Sharisse xx  

July 29, 2016

NZIPP Iris Awards 2016

NZIPP Iris Awards 2016 It had been quite a while since I had entered the NZIPP Iris Awards for one reason or another. So this year I decided to give it a go. I have to admit I was pretty nervous as it is not easy getting an award at Iris and it had been such a long time...... Oh well I figured why not! And then spent weeks agonising over what to enter, getting the prints right and all the other things that things that you worry about! The thing is although it takes a lot of time, a lot of mental energy and also a very patient and supportive family (thanks Glen for listening to me going on about it for weeks!), I always learn so much about my work by going through the process. It always help to lift it up a notch. So even if I came away with nothing the learning process itself in invaluable. The judging takes place anonymously over 3 days in an open judging room, so you can sit and watch whilst your work is being judged. I decided to dedicate three days to making the trip over to Wellington to watch as its is always such a valuable source of learning. Its also incredibly nerve-wrecking - I had forgotten how much! By the time my first print came up I had already had two coffees - well that was a mistake! My heart was going ten to the dozen! My first print was in the Landscape category which is notoriously tough - the category is filled with entries from all the big names in NZ Landscape photography. I have to admit, I did wonder what on earth [...]

August 13, 2015

Wairarapa Winter Wedding – Frankie & Andrew

Wairarapa Winter Wedding - Frankie & Andrew Oh what a perfect day for a winter wedding. Café Cecille in Masterton was the venue, which is fantastic for an informal, winter wedding. And Informal this was! I love that the day just flowed and I got to hang out with you guys and your lovely family! It really was a special wedding - thanks for having me along!