Wairarapa Pet Photographer – My own fur baby

Wairarapa Pet Photographer - My own fur baby I don’t usually photograph pets, but when I approached to photograph two dogs who were brothers, I took on the challenge. One of the dogs, Oliver had been unwell for some time, so it was important for their mum to get some lovely photographs of them together. They have both passed on, and the family now have a beautiful framed set of photographs on their wall. After this shoot I decided that I needed to photograph my own fur baby, Moose. He wasn’t overly impressed but he played along! I am so glad I did this as today was such an incredibly sad day for our family. We had to let our Moose Dog go. He was just under four years old and was a massive part of our family. The boys loved him to pieces – he comforted them when they were sad or scared, walked them up to school, wagged his tale when he saw them again at the end of the day. He was so big, yet so gentle. Such an amazing family pet. For me, he was with so much – out for walks, runs, exploring the hills. He loved our adventures in the Tararuas. He would sleep outside my office door while I worked, as soon as we woke up, he would come in and say hello. Greet us eagerly at the door when we returned home after being out without him. He would give my husband the biggest cuddles when he got home form work. For someone who at first wasn’t keen on getting a dog, they became best buddies, partners in crime! Everyone loved Moose. He became sick suddenly. Two days before [...]