September 21, 2018

Wairarapa Newborn Photographer – Samantha & Family

Wairarapa Newborn Photographer - Samantha & Family This is the third time I have photographed the gorgeous Samantha & Micheal - and the really cool thing is, each time I see them they have a new family member for me to meet! How cool is that?!

June 15, 2018

Wairarapa Newborn Photographer – Meet Jett!

Wairarapa Newborn Photographer - Meet Jett! It the second time I have photographed this lovely family. Little Mr Fox now has a new brother. Its taken a little getting used to but I think they will firm friends in no time! Gorgeous Jett is the spitting image of his big brother as a baby - many with a touch less hair! Jett's mum brought in a beautiful hand knitted blanket for him to be photographed on. It was so warm and snuggly - perfect for these winter nights! Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/greatbigyarns/

September 21, 2017

August 31, 2017

June 30, 2017

NZIPP Iris Awards 2017

NZIPP Iris Awards 2017   After entering the NZIPP Iris Awards last  year, for the first time again in years I was a little nervous entering again! I had set myself a target, so it was a little scarier then last year when I was just happy to get any award! The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography  has a honors system, where you work your way up over the years depending on how many points you have  in total and how many you earned within a 4 year period through the awards. Because I have been a bit sporadic with my entries over the years, I had never achieved the required points within the timeframe to work my way up. So, after last year gaining 6 bronzes, I knew I need at least four more bronzes to get me the Associate level. And if I dared to dream big, I may even get something more than a bronze to get up to another level....... Well the first day rolled around and I had entered two images into two categories that I had never entered before - Documentary and Illustrative. I was particularly nervous about these prints as were both personal work (self-commissioned, non client work) and different from what I usually do. First up was my Doco image. This shot meant a lot to me as it was an image of my children and some of their friends after a game of rugby. I love this image because it tells you so much about this social group, how they interact, the personalities and also the story that is being told can be seen reflected everywhere through life. So my first print came up, butterflies in [...]

December 15, 2016

November 17, 2016

Wellingotn Newborn Photographer – welcome baby Evie!

Wellingotn Newborn Photographer - welcome baby Evie! I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Sam & Michael earlier this year (yes it was a shotgun wedding!)  http://sharisseeberlein.co.nz/last-minute-wedding-planning-sam-michael and was absolutely thrilled when they brought their precious little girl in to see me! She was an absolute star throughout her newborn shoot. I hope you enjoy these lovely newborn photographs.

October 21, 2016