September 21, 2018

Adventure Photography Wairarapa – Cone Summit, Tararuas

Adventure Photography Wairarapa - Cone Summit, Tararuas I love nothing more than exploring our amazing back yard. We really are blessed with the size and magnificence of our Tararua Ranges. Some images from a hike up to Cone Summit.  

March 23, 2018

Adventure Photography Wellington – Mt Holdsworth Night Hike

Adventure Photography Wellington - Mt Holdsworth Night Hike The first weekend for ages without a wedding, so whats a girl to do? Get hold of a mate and head up into the hills for a bit of adventure! The plan was to take some Milkyway shots from around 5am but the clouds had other ideas! We headed up anyway. I didn't get what I was hoping for, but that is all good as its really cool to get something unexpected instead! The cloud was rolling over quite fast but I managed to get a clear view of the milkyway with the Mt Holdsworth trig and then a shot with the milyway over the range slooking south as the sun was beginning to rise. (The lights of the Wairarapa on the left and Kapiti on the right) Over towards Masterton the cloud would roll over the hills turning the towns lights on and off again as it passed by. It was pretty special to just sit and watch. The walk back down was magical - the hour before sunrise is always my favourite time to shoot. The colours are just so delicate and soft, and with the clouds filling the valleys it really was stunning. Sarah and I stopped and chatted about, how grateful we feel to be fit and healthy to be able to come into the hills and enjoy all this beauty that is on our doorstep. xx  

August 6, 2017

Tararua Photographer – Sunset at East Holdworth

Tararua Photographer - Sunset at East Holdworth   Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to run. And I love to go on running adventures in the hills. In the Wairarapa we are blessed with an amazing playground right on our doorstep. The Tararuas. I have only explored a fraction of the ranges and each and every time I run there it blows me away. Every time is different. The light changes, the clouds are moving. Sometimes its a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and you can see for miles, others the clouds are in and it has an air of mystery. By, far my favourite time to go is when its change of light. Sunset and sunrise up there is just out of this world. It takes your breath away and you cant help but have a huge smile. It makers you feel alive. I love it. So usually I take just a running pack with all my gear and take a few shots with my phone. (its takes pretty good snaps and even has a Leica lens....whoa!) But a friend suggested I take my big camera,so I figured if I was going to take it, it would have be at a time where my phone camera couldn't do it justice. I am not sure any camera could, but I had a go anyway. After lugging 8kg of gear up the ridge (believe me, the extra 4kg makes a HUGE difference, just ask my calves and quads!) I was going to make the most of it. I hope you enjoy these images, I know I enjoyed shooting them. :) Sharisse x

July 2, 2017

NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 – Personal Project

NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 -  Personal Project So, I was pretty excited to receive another Silver award at the NZIPP Iris Awards 2017. This time it was in the Illustrative category and for an image that is a piece of personal work. Work that is not created for clients or to fulfill a brief, but just for my own self expression. This made it all the more special to receive an award for this print. I shot this image just a few weeks after I attended conference last year. I had watched a photographer talk about her work and it was absolutely beautiful, so inspiring. She used a lot of art models in her work, and she talked about how she loved to put the women on a pedestal, and it was about celebrating their beauty. And the work really was stunning. But all I could think is,  as a woman I don't feel this way. So I wanted to create something that spoke about the relationship lots of us have with our bodies, and how the mainstream media feeds into this. So it got me thinking about how certain body types are aspired too, put on pedestal, and worshipped. And how we demonise other body types that don't fit the mold. I wanted to express this in an image along with how we do this to ourselves. A lot of us have an 'ideal' version of our body which  we so often feel is unattainable. We also tend to feel that our current self isn't worthy. We often disconnect from our bodies, not seeing its true beauty but rather we see two verisons, a slightly warped mirror image, neither of which reflect the reality. So this is what this [...]

June 11, 2013

Children Photographer Wairarapa – Forest School

My boys have been going to forest school here in Cornwall. Here is Baylee hunting for mini beasts and Benjamin berry painting.  

May 28, 2013


I love flax and I love the tuis that come around to visit...