January 27, 2020

Wairarapa Commercial Photographer – Poppies Martinborough


Wairarapa Commercial Photographer - Poppies Martinborough Everything that Poppy and Shayne put their mind to, ends up with a touch of magic. I could have spent all night photographing this stunning space. I am just going to let the images do the talking.

Wairarapa Commercial Photographer – Poppies Martinborough2020-01-27T21:06:51+13:00

November 13, 2019

Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth – Tararuas Range, NZ


Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth - Tararua Range, NZ My sister was out visiting over winter with her family. She teaches photography to university entrance students in Exeter in the UK. I have often told her off my running & hiking trips up in the Tararuas, the nights spent out taking photographs of the night sky, so it was on the list of 'must dos' while she was here. We did a family trip along the Atiwhakatu Steam  track to spend the night at Atiwhakatu Hut, which the kids loved! But I really wanted to show her the magic of photographing the night sky and then watching the sunrise from up on the tops. Being a photographer herself, it wasn't hard to convince her at all! This first set of image was taken up at the High Ridge Turn off, on the track up to Mt Holdsworth summit. The first [...]

Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth – Tararuas Range, NZ2019-11-13T14:40:10+13:00

September 13, 2019

Martinborough Commercial Photographer – Whitimanuka Retreat


Can you come and photograph our new homestay? We really want to show off what is has to offer, including the amazing night sky? Yes please! And unfortunately for me, it meant having to spend the night there as shots were required at 8pm, midnight, 5 am....... you get the idea! I can tell you it was such a hardship - a night of peace and quiet in a stunning location, in a wonderful new homestay, photographing the night sky and then hopping back inside to sit by the cozy fire. Its a tough gig, but someone had to do it! And how could I forget the super friendly hosts and the delicious platter! Yeah, it was tough all right. lol! Seriously, if you are looking for a getaway and peace and quiet with stunning views, and a fantastic stargazing spot, this is for you. And did I mention [...]

Martinborough Commercial Photographer – Whitimanuka Retreat2019-11-08T13:49:35+13:00