March 20, 2020

January 27, 2020

Wairarapa Commercial Photographer – Poppies Martinborough


Wairarapa Commercial Photographer - Poppies Martinborough Everything that Poppy and Shayne put their mind to, ends up with a touch of magic. I could have spent all night photographing this stunning space. I am just going to let the images do the talking.

Wairarapa Commercial Photographer – Poppies Martinborough2020-01-27T21:06:51+13:00

December 10, 2019

Featherston Wedding Collective – Working Togther


Featherston Wedding Collective The recent Featherston Expo was a wonderful opportunity to bring small business and community groups together to showcase what Featherston had to offer. It also gave the opportunity for people in the wedding industry to connect. Inspired by the expo, celebrant Rachel Clark approached myleslf along with Sarah of Lucalia Photography, Daria Borshcheva of Cake Lab NZ, and Bernadette Hoskins, The flower girl to meet and discuss the idea of working collaboratively. The Featherston Wedding Collective was born. The purpose of the collective is to promote our local Featherston businesses that are providing wedding services to couples getting married in Featherston or elsewhere in the Wairarapa. Members must have a personal or business address in the Featherston Ward. There is a lot of small businesses in the area and with a lot to offer! The fledgling collective would like to give a shout out to other [...]

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November 14, 2019

Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth – Tararuas Range, NZ


Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth - Tararua Range, NZ My sister was out visiting over winter with her family. She teaches photography to university entrance students in Exeter in the UK. I have often told her off my running & hiking trips up in the Tararuas, the nights spent out taking photographs of the night sky, so it was on the list of 'must dos' while she was here. We did a family trip along the Atiwhakatu Steam  track to spend the night at Atiwhakatu Hut, which the kids loved! But I really wanted to show her the magic of photographing the night sky and then watching the sunrise from up on the tops. Being a photographer herself, it wasn't hard to convince her at all! This first set of image was taken up at the High Ridge Turn off, on the track up to Mt Holdsworth summit. The first [...]

Sunrise at Mt Holdsworth – Tararuas Range, NZ2019-11-13T14:40:10+13:00

100 miles…..


1oo miles……. I recently headed to Tarawera Ultra Marathon to crew and pace my friend for his 100 mile race. I decided to take my camera along, to get a few behind the scenes shots as I was staying with Paul Stevens and Lesley Park who were both tackling the miler. I was hoping to get some images of Wez (Lesley) finishing her race, but she was too blemming fast, and was well and truly in before I arrived back from my pacing duties! I find the idea of running for a 100miles fascinating – how and why does something like this even come about? So I decided to ask Lesley all about it. In typical Wez style I got some very blunt and hilarious answers….. Have you always been a runner? When did you start?  Yes, no, kinda? Got into running 5km in the mornings when I began [...]

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September 13, 2019

Martinborough Commercial Photographer – Whitimanuka Retreat


Can you come and photograph our new homestay? We really want to show off what is has to offer, including the amazing night sky? Yes please! And unfortunately for me, it meant having to spend the night there as shots were required at 8pm, midnight, 5 am....... you get the idea! I can tell you it was such a hardship - a night of peace and quiet in a stunning location, in a wonderful new homestay, photographing the night sky and then hopping back inside to sit by the cozy fire. Its a tough gig, but someone had to do it! And how could I forget the super friendly hosts and the delicious platter! Yeah, it was tough all right. lol! Seriously, if you are looking for a getaway and peace and quiet with stunning views, and a fantastic stargazing spot, this is for you. And did I mention [...]

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September 21, 2018

Adventure Photography Wairarapa – Cone Summit, Tararuas


Adventure Photography Wairarapa - Cone Summit, Tararuas I love nothing more than exploring our amazing back yard. We really are blessed with the size and magnificence of our Tararua Ranges. Some images from a hike up to Cone Summit.  

Adventure Photography Wairarapa – Cone Summit, Tararuas2018-09-21T03:45:29+13:00

March 23, 2018

Adventure Photography Wellington – Mt Holdsworth Night Hike


Adventure Photography Wellington - Mt Holdsworth Night Hike The first weekend for ages without a wedding, so whats a girl to do? Get hold of a mate and head up into the hills for a bit of adventure! The plan was to take some Milkyway shots from around 5am but the clouds had other ideas! We headed up anyway. I didn't get what I was hoping for, but that is all good as its really cool to get something unexpected instead! The cloud was rolling over quite fast but I managed to get a clear view of the milkyway with the Mt Holdsworth trig and then a shot with the milyway over the range slooking south as the sun was beginning to rise. (The lights of the Wairarapa on the left and Kapiti on the right) Over towards Masterton the cloud would roll over the hills turning the towns lights [...]

Adventure Photography Wellington – Mt Holdsworth Night Hike2018-03-23T07:05:10+13:00

July 28, 2017

Martinborough Wine Walks – A tough day at the office


Martinborough Wine Walks - A tough day at the office Sometimes we get some really tough jobs, and this was probably one of the toughest. A day of walking around the vineyards in Martinborough, listening to Nicola tell us all about the region, its wine, the growing and making process, and then top it all off having the taste the wine. It really doesn't get much tougher than this. But someone had to do it, so we agreed to come along.  :) This walking wine tour is an absolute must! Go do it. :)

Martinborough Wine Walks – A tough day at the office2019-09-13T02:05:37+13:00