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Sharisse Eberlein Photography - natural, relaxed beautiful photography. Their friendly and easy going approach to photography enables them to capture real emotion, laughs, smiles and tears – the moments that you will take you right back to your wedding day for years to come. They have two photographers on board who work together to tell your story. They allow your relax and enjoy your day, capturing all the little details as they go. Capturing the essence of the day is the first step. The second step is to preserve your story for future generations. All of the wedding packages include a selection of your images presented in a stunning Queensberry album – designed to show your images at their best and tell your story, your way

November 7, 2017

Wairarapa Wedding Photographer – The Landing, Masterton

Wairarapa Wedding Photographer - The Landing, Masterton Katie & Robbie's Spring time wedding    

September 21, 2017

Wellington Newborn Photographer – Piper

Wellington Newborn Photographer - Piper

Wairarapa Maternity Photographer – Beautiful Jess

Wairarapa Maternity Photographer - Beautiful Jess I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful wedding of Jess and her husband Daniel back in May. They have their next journey well underway with the arrival of their first child due anyday now! Its always such a  privilege to share in the journey of my clients and document these special moments for you! I love the way that Jess just radiates happiness. I am so looking forward to the next photo session! xxx

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer – Josh & Allanah’s Winter Wedding

Tarureka Estate Wedding Photographer - Josh & Allanah's Winter Wedding I really love winter weddings and I always wonder why more couple don't go down this road.  So long as you choose your venue carefully, I really think its one of the best times of the year to get married. Firstly, you tend to get your pick of vendors over the quieter months. Less competition for available dates, less stress. You can also get great deals in the off season. But, as a photographer the reason I love winter weddings is for the light! Soft winter light is the best and you also get to take sunset and night time shots without missing your party - bonus! And if rains - so much fun can be had photographing in the rain, and if its really bad then you will have chosen an awesome venue so it doesn't matter! And if you want to you can always opt to go a 'First Look' as these guys did to really make the most of the time with your guests. Allanah and Josh opted for this stress free option and oh my, was this wedding fun! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the day, and I have to say my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much by the end of the day. I am sure the photographs will tell the story without me rabbiting on! So here they are.....  

August 31, 2017

Wairarapa Pregnancy Photographer – Beautiful Megan

Wairarapa Pregnancy Photographer - Beautiful Megan

Tararua Photographer – Sunset at East Holdworth

Tararua Photographer - Sunset at East Holdworth   Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to run. And I love to go on running adventures in the hills. In the Wairarapa we are blessed with an amazing playground right on our doorstep. The Tararuas. I have only explored a fraction of the ranges and each and every time I run there it blows me away. Every time is different. The light changes, the clouds are moving. Sometimes its a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and you can see for miles, others the clouds are in and it has an air of mystery. By, far my favourite time to go is when its change of light. Sunset and sunrise up there is just out of this world. It takes your breath away and you cant help but have a huge smile. It makers you feel alive. I love it. So usually I take just a running pack with all my gear and take a few shots with my phone. (its takes pretty good snaps and even has a Leica lens....whoa!) But a friend suggested I take my big camera,so I figured if I was going to take it, it would have be at a time where my phone camera couldn't do it justice. I am not sure any camera could, but I had a go anyway. After lugging 8kg of gear up the ridge (believe me, the extra 4kg makes a HUGE difference, just ask my calves and quads!) I was going to make the most of it. I hope you enjoy these images, I know I enjoyed shooting them. :) Sharisse x

Lacewood Wedding Photographer – Jess & Daniel

Lacewood Wedding Photographer - Jess & Daniel I love an autumn wedding! The light is lovely and soft, the colours of the trees are stunning and its a great excuse to choose a cosey venue for a fun party with your guests. Jess & Daniel were married in the garden at Lacewood, at Tuhitarata Estate back in May followed up by a reception in the cosey in site barn. It was four seasons in one day! From sunshine to hail, we had it all. I absolutely loved working with Jess & Daniel - so much fun and so relaxed and such beautiful families. Thanks so much for having me along to document your special day. Sharisse xx

July 28, 2017

Martinborough Wine Walks – A tough day at the office

Martinborough Wine Walks - A tough day at the office Sometimes we get some really tough jobs, and this was probably one of the toughest. A day of walking around the vineyards in Martinborough, listening to Nicola tell us all about the region, its wine, the growing and making process, and then top it all off having the taste the wine. It really doesn't get much tougher than this. But someone had to do it, so we agreed to come along.  :) This walking wine tour is an absolute must! Go do it. :)  

Brackenridge Wedding Photographer – Warren & Aileen.

Brackenridge Wedding Photographer - Warren & Aileen    

Amy & Adam’s Wairarapa Country Wedding – Wairarapa Wedding Photographer

Amy & Adam's Wairarapa Country Wedding - Wairarapa Wedding Photographer