Adventure Photography Wellington – Mt Holdsworth Night Hike

The first weekend for ages without a wedding, so whats a girl to do?

Get hold of a mate and head up into the hills for a bit of adventure!

The plan was to take some Milkyway shots from around 5am but the clouds had other ideas! We headed up anyway. I didn’t get what I was hoping for, but that is all good as its really cool to get something unexpected instead! The cloud was rolling over quite fast but I managed to get a clear view of the milkyway with the Mt Holdsworth trig and then a shot with the milyway over the range slooking south as the sun was beginning to rise. (The lights of the Wairarapa on the left and Kapiti on the right) Over towards Masterton the cloud would roll over the hills turning the towns lights on and off again as it passed by. It was pretty special to just sit and watch.

The walk back down was magical – the hour before sunrise is always my favourite time to shoot. The colours are just so delicate and soft, and with the clouds filling the valleys it really was stunning. Sarah and I stopped and chatted about, how grateful we feel to be fit and healthy to be able to come into the hills and enjoy all this beauty that is on our doorstep. xx

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